Japanese Tea Specialty Store: MORITAEN


MORITAEN offers only the finest premium tea leaves, carefully selected with heart and confidence by our store owner, a three-time National Tea Quality Judging Skills Competition champion.
We are committed to delivering "Ichibancha," the first tea.
The rich aroma and taste that only Japanese tea produces can bring you the highest satisfaction with a delightful experience.
Our store owner always says:
"The real, authentic tea speaks directly to your senses with every sip."
Experience and enjoy tasting the highest quality authentic tea made from the finest tea leaves selected and offered by MORITAEN.

Hojicha and Genmaicha

MORITAEN's Japanese tea

We deliver Japanese teas that are carefully selected with heart by our tea master.
Our teas are available in several different varieties.
MORITAEN offers you a special assortment of Japanese teas made with the finest tea leaves that produce a taste and aroma that is unparalleled.


Matcha Sweets

To offer Matcha-based sweets, we have carefully selected only those that are fully suitable for sweets from the wide range of Matcha varieties existing in the world.
Enjoy the premium Matcha flavor in every piece of our sweets, richly infused with MORITAEN's boasting Matcha.

Tea Varieties and How to Brew Japanese Tea
Tea Varieties and How to Brew Japanese Tea

Tea Varieties and How to Brew Japanese Tea

This content introduces you to the varieties of tea that MORITAEN handles and shows you how to brew Japanese tea so that you can get the most out of it.
What is introduced here is MORITAEN's unique but easy method developed by our store owner for you to enjoy drinking Japanese tea.