My Style

Our store owner will craft a specialty tea for you.

Each tea leaf is unique, and the same is true for each of us with our own individual preferences.
At MORITAEN, our store owner Haruhide Morita, Japan's top award-winning tea appraiser, curates a unique tea tailored to your taste.

Please let us know about your preferences first.
Once we have confirmed them, we will contact you directly.
We would like to discuss your tastes and preferences in person so that we can craft and serve a unique tea tailored specifically to you.

We believe that the precious time of every sip of your own specialty tea and the experience of encountering a tea selected from numerous tea leaves is a precious moment that brings true satisfaction.

The tea container will have your name engraved.

The depth of tea taste depends not only on the selection of tea leaves but also on how to brew it. Visit the page on our website, "Japanese Tea Varieties and How to Brew Japanese Tea," so that you can extract the best tea aroma from your tea.
The aroma and freshness are essential to the quality of this tailored tea. We recommend enjoying it while it is fresh, as the aroma can quickly diminish over time.

Price One can of tea: 8000 yen (Minimum charge)
(The price is negotiable)
Capacity Depends on the price
Freshness period 180 days
Storage method Store the tea away from heat and moisture, and not under direct sunlight. Be careful of any lingering scents in the storage area.

To make a request or inquiry, please contact us via e-mail.